Target Clients

African Diaspora National Governments:

Does your Ministry need Diaspora engagement and mobilization consulting services? Provide consulting services for: technical advisory services; policy analysis; strategic planning; capacity building; research and analysis; monitoring and evaluation; and more

Global Foundations / Private Sector:

Is your company looking to expand its reach in Africa? Want to learn about on the ground experience in Africa, but not sure where to start? Provide consulting services for: RFQs / RFPs drafting; Corporate Social Responsibility; Vetting prospective programming; facilitating beneficiary selection process; monitoring and evaluation; business cultural exchanges; corporate treks to Africa; and more

Entrepreneurs and Start-up Non-profits:

Want to start a business or non-profit, but not quite sure where to start? Provide consulting services for: Business plan development; in-country business registration support; grant and proposal writing; team building; and more

Civil Society / Community Development Organizations:

Trying to communicate your message, but facing challenges in consensus building? Provide consulting services for: community consensus building; team building; capacity building; data collection; and more

Bridging Gaps