Target Clients

Community-Based Organizations Engagement:

We empower community-based organizations with the intent not only to uplift African and Black Diaspora beneficiaries, but also to engage the donor community. We specialize in consulting services for: grant and proposal writing; community consensus building; capacity building; program management; monitoring & evaluation; event activations; and more.

Philanthropic Sector Solutions:

We engage the private sector and donor community in connecting with the African / Black Diaspora collective. It is important for your company to understand that Black culture is no monolith, but a tree blossoming with diversity. We specialize in consulting services for: RFQs / RFPs drafting; Corporate Social Responsibility; vetting prospective programming; facilitating beneficiary selection process; monitoring and evaluation; business cultural exchanges in Africa and other Black communities; event activations; and more.

Public Sector Technical Assistance:

We provide technical for public sector agencies and ministries to mobilize programming for its African and Black Diaspora constituency. We are a certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) in New York State. We specialize in consulting services for: RFQs / RFPs drafting; technical advisory services; policy analysis; strategic planning; capacity building; research and analysis; monitoring and evaluation; and more..

Faith-Based Organizations Service:

We believe that faith and endurance is at the core of the African / Black Diaspora community. We special in consulting services for: fundraising; annual capital campaigns; grant writing; anniversary events; strategic planning; and more.

Bridging Gaps