PSC Services

Our Services

We Support entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Diaspora who are interested in impacting Africa, and are in Africa who are interested in connecting to people and resources in the Diaspora.

Creative solutions for private sector and foundations to (Diaspora Engagement) access beneficiaries and understand the emerging economic changes in the African consumer market and beneficiary demographic

We provide technical assistance to African Diaspora National Governments in the functional areas of constituent consultations, policy analysis, service delivery, knowledge generation, strategic policy development, and, monitoring and evaluation. Expertise in the following thematic areas: entrepreneurship, capacity building, youth development, monitoring & evaluation, and socio-economic transformation.

Areas of Expertise

Functional-areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning Social-Entrepreneurial Development * Technical Assistance - Document Drafts (Business Plans / Strategy Plans) * Corporate Social Investment / Public-Private Partnerships * Program Management / Implementation * Knowledge Management/ Monitoring and Evaluation * Special Events Activation

Business Development

We are dedicated to supporting start-ups (non-profits and entrepreneurs) in Africa and in the Diaspora make their creative solutions to socio-economic development challenges community realities.

Community Development

We are dedicated to working with the community to provide creative solutions to development gaps and to providing consensus building in making community development dreams a reality. We offer project management expertise to communities in various stages of development and help transform them from where they are to where they want to be.

Diaspora Cooperation

Through Interdependence and Resourcefulness: We are dedicated to mobilizing the Diaspora to empower Africa. We value African self-help and empowerment supported through interdependence and resourcefulness of the Diaspora.

Cultural / Business Exchange

We believe that the greatest impact in Africa comes from those in the Diaspora who have on the ground experience. It is for this reason that we support cultural and business treks to Africa.


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