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Want to start a new fundraiser campaign for the African or Black Diaspora community? Discuss your details and requirements with our team today and devise the perfect fundraising campaign for maximum engagement with the prospects. Pan-African Solutions Consulting takes pride in becoming the source of raising funds for the Black community. No matter what fundraising campaign we undertake, we aspire to provide you with committed fundraisers from diverse backgrounds.

Program Management

Many community-based, faith-based, and public sector agencies are serving the purpose of empowering the African and Black community and improving their quality of life. Pan-African Solutions Consulting extends its complete assistance in making such community-oriented programs more resourceful, and thus, successful. Join us to acquire a wide range of program development services comprising community consensus building, team building, capacity building, data collection, and more.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We have the skill set and technical skill set to monitor the progress of the project or program, and conduct highly efficient analysis to suggest optimal solutions. Smart targets require a smart approach. We keep a proper track of progress to ensure that better planning and decision making can be performed for the achievement of desired results. Discuss your business goals and requirements with our team of professional consultants to get a transparent evaluation about the feasibility of your business model with respect to current market trends.

Technical Assistance

Our development planning, Strategic planning, business consulting services and other diverse services bear the backing of strong functional expertise. We help companies in expanding their reach in African continent. Apart from planning and consultation, we cover: Corporate Social Investment / Public-Private Partnerships; Program Management / Implementation; Knowledge Management/ Monitoring and Evaluation; and Special Events Activation.

Investment Impact

Whether you are a high-net worth individual, or a philanthropic organization, let our team maximize your investment impact. We will help you better understand the needs and values of the diverse African and Black Diaspora community.


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