Chevelle Dixon, Guest Speaker at The Entrepreleaders School (Cape Town, South Africa) Webinar on The 2021 Hustle on February 13, 2021. Over 300 people were present for the live broadcast.

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Founder Chevelle Dixon, shares her journey to Africa and Entrepreneurship in the GoBlack2Africa interview in Curacao on August 7, 2021


Bridging Gaps


We are dedicated to supporting start-ups (non-profits and entrepreneurs) in Africa and in the Diaspora make their creative solutions to socio-economic development challenges community realities.

Affirmative Outlook

We are dedicated to always maintaining an affirmative outlook on: the realities of Africa's assets; the possibilities of increasing a dialogue between stakeholders within the Diaspora; and the outcomes in Africa.

Diaspora Cooperation

Through Interdependence and Resourcefulness: We are dedicated to mobilizing the Diaspora to empower Africa. We value African self-help and empowerment supported through interdependence and resourcefulness of the Diaspora.

Solutions and Results-Oriented

We believe that all of the solutions and resources to Africa's challenges can be mobilized through the Diaspora. We empower our clients through capacity building, strategic development, and implementation to identify concrete ways to makes those goals a reality. We provide strategic planning, monitoring & evaluation.


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