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Chevelle Dixon

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Multi-disciplinary expertise

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Diaspora Connections

Local Expertise. Global Reach.

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Mobilizing the Diaspora. Empowering Africa.

Start-up Support

Want to start a business or non-profit, but not quite sure where to start? Provide consulting services for: Business plan development; in-country business registration support; grant and proposal writing; team building; and more

Government Technical Assistance

Does your Ministry need Diaspora engagement and mobilization consulting services? Provide consulting services for: technical advisory services; policy analysis; strategic planning; capacity building; research and analysis; monitoring and evaluation; and more

Private Sector Solutions

Is your company looking to expand its reach in Africa? Want to learn about on the ground experience in Africa, but not sure where to start? Provide consulting services for: RFQs / RFPs drafting; Corporate Social Responsibility; Vetting prospective programming; facilitating beneficiary selection process; monitoring and evaluation; business cultural exchanges; corporate treks to Africa; and more

Community-Based Organizations Engagement

Trying to communicate your message, but facing challenges in consensus building? Provide consulting services for: community consensus building; team building; capacity building; data collection; and more

Consulting Practice

Business Development. Community Development.
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