About PSC

Pan-African Solutions Consulting

Pan-African Solutions Consulting LLC is a Black and woman-owned strategic planning consulting services firm that is dedicated to empowering Africa and its Black Diaspora through cooperative development. In 2020, we became a certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) in New York State.

Our Mission

Pan-African Solutions Consulting LLC is a development consulting firm that helps community and faith-based organizations empower African and Black Diaspora socio-economic growth by mobilizing cooperative fundraising, events, and related services.

Our Vision

Pan-African Solutions Consulting aspires to fill socio-economic gaps through Black Diaspora cooperative financial development and resource management. We serve the African and Black Diaspora communities by accessing resources from the public and philanthropic sectors to benefit community and faith-based organizations.

Our Approach: What Sets us Apart?

Our Affirmative Outlook: We highly value the prosperity and progress of Black Diaspora. No matter what sector we cover and which client we collaborate with, our endeavors are dedicated towards the making African continent and Black Diaspora more resourceful.

Our Integrity and Authenticity: Acquiring the community’s trust is the most vital aspect of our services. We provide our clients with ethical and transparent consultations and it is our duty to maintain a level of integrity for a harmonious professional relationship and community impact.

Our Extensive Network: Connect with us to unlock your access to a wide range of leading firms and individuals from across the globe. Pan-African Solutions Consulting has collaborated with notable businesses and individuals over the last decade for various development and community-based events, grant proposals, and evaluation projects.

Our Coverage of Diverse Sectors: We cover public sector, private sector, entrepreneurial projects, non-profit, as well as community development organizations. We will handle all sorts of technical support for making your endeavors more resourceful for the community. We specialize in the following sectors: international development; youth empowerment; gender equity; education; affordable housing; and culture.

Our Commitment to Optimal Solutions: We know what it takes to bring the finest solutions to the modern problems. Our experience with diverse organizations gives us a competitive edge and a result-oriented approach towards the problems of African and Black Diaspora community. We leverage our professional expertise to materialize your goals.