About PSC

Pan-African Solutions Consulting

Pan-African Solutions Consulting LLC (P.S.C) is a strategic planning consulting services firm that is dedicated to empowering Africa through its Diaspora. P.S.C connects entrepreneurs, the private sector, and the African public sector. We provide technical assistance to African and Diaspora public sector and civil society, Africa corporate social investment engagement and program development to foundations and corporations, and strategic planning to entrepreneurs and start-up non-profits. P.S.C serves as an impact accelerator supporting these stakeholders to develop sustainable products and services that empower their communities and Africa at large. Our consultants include individuals with wide-ranging expertise and experience in a diverse range of issues in Africa including but not limited to the following: Program Development, Monitoring & Evaluation, Economic Development, Entrepreneurship Development, Community Consensus Building, Education, & Arts and Culture.

Our Mission: Mobilizing the Diaspora. Empowering Africa.

Our Mission is to provide a platform to mobilize the African Diaspora to connect, support, and develop cooperative projects, businesses, and policies that will lead to the socio-economic empowerment of Africa. We aim to promote cultural and business exchanges /corporate explorations to Africa. Our three pronged approach targets government, start-up non-profits / entrepreneurs and foundations / private sectors.

Philosophy and Vision

This decade has seen the rise of a disconnect between governments and their constituents, donors and their beneficiaries, and the private sector and its customers. In the case of Africa, the rising youth population has proven its ability to either dismantle these systems or to find creative solutions through entrepreneurship to fill in the socio-economic gaps. Pan-African Solutions Consulting is a consulting firm that is committed to mobilizing the Diaspora to provide creative solutions that fill these gaps and impact economic and social inclusive transformation on the African continent.

Our Advantage

P.S.C has a specialized expertise in understanding the constraints of governments, needs of the private sector, and gaps in beneficiary service delivery. Furthermore, we have access to Diaspora networks and on-the-ground experience in Africa. Our creative solutions and strategic planning are enhanced because of a strong belief in uplifting African Diaspora youth entrepreneurs through stakeholder synergies and cooperative work plans in order to benefit Africa's overall economic development. We mobilize the Diaspora and promote a dialogue between the private sector, African Member State governments, and youth entrepreneurs in order to impact change in African policies, programmatic implementation, and service delivery. We have top-notch advisors and consultants in our thematic areas with over 50 combined years of experience in their fields of expertise.


Bridging Gaps

We are dedicated to helping communities (public and private) identify ways to impact change, grow, and cooperate through entrepreneurship development, capacity building, and policy development. PSC provides channels of communication and support between entrepreneurs and the private and public sectors. We do this by cultural exchanges, consensus-building workshops, and corporate site exploration.


We are dedicated to supporting start-ups (non-profits and entrepreneurs) in Africa and in the Diaspora make their creative solutions to socio-economic development challenges community realities.

Affirmative Outlook

We are dedicated to always maintaining an affirmative outlook on: the realities of Africa's assets; the possibilities of increasing a dialogue between stakeholders within the Diaspora; and the outcomes in Africa.

Diaspora Cooperation

We are dedicated to mobilizing the Diaspora to empower Africa. We value African self-help and empowerment supported through interdependence and resourcefulness of the Diaspora.

Solutions and Results-Oriented

We believe that all of the solutions and resources to Africa's challenges can be mobilized through the Diaspora. We empower our clients through capacity building, strategic development, and implementation to identify concrete ways to makes those goals a reality.


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